We reckon every man should be able to enjoy a good glass of whisky after work. That moment of peace when you sip on your favourite drink is one of the best moments of the day. You’ll need a quality whisky glass that guarantees the best flavour if you want to make the most of this liquor.

Many models of whisky glasses are available on the market, and they are usually low and wide. One might think that they all share the same design, but the truth is that each model is actually unique. They can either be made of crystal or glass, some models are taller than others. We’ve designed this guide to help you find the glass that’s just right for you.

Key Facts

  • Much like wine, whisky is a living beverage that is affected by its container. A top quality whisky glass will help you get the best taste out of your drink, while keeping all its nuances intact and oxygenating it more easily.
  • Glasses with wide and low designs are the most appropriate. Most are made of crystal, although you’ll also find glass models.
  • Tulip-shaped whisky glasses with narrower mouths and bulging centres are designed for tasting. These models better retain the aromas of the liquor, enhancing its flavour and allowing you to appreciate all the nuances of the wood.

Ranking: The best whisky glasses in the market

Here’s a list of the best whisky glasses available on the Australian market. Each models presents specific characteristics, so take your time to make the right choice. We hope that this list of products will help you fulfil all your needs while remaining within your budget.

No. 1: Set of 2 Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glasses by Stolzle

[amazon box=”B00H143UXW” description_items=”0″]

Austrian glassware manufacturer has been in the industry for well over a century, and their expertise in the art of glass making needs no introduction. Their take on the world-famous Glencairn glass, dubbed the “official whisky glass”, is a little wonder that will allow you to truly enjoy the notes and aromas of your favourite liquor.

This model offers the most classic features of an authentic whisky glass: made from non-lead crystal, it is shaped with a sturdy base to perfectly fit in your hand, be it large or smaller. The mouth is designed to facilitate drinking, while the bowl allows greater oxygenation of your whisky as you enjoy its beautiful colours and nuances.

No. 2: Set of 2 Viski Admiral Crystal Whisky Glasses

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Vicki by True Brands specialises in designing classic yet modern drinkware for your home. Their Admiral tumbler is a pure lead-free crystal wonder that will help you truly appreciate your whisky neat or on the rocks. The design of the glass perfectly blends the elegance of tradition with a modern style that will fit right into your home.

Weighing in at approximately 760 grams, this heavy tumbler is comfortable to hold, and you won’t want to put it down until it’s empty. Its capacity is 9 fluid ounces (around 266 millilitres). Past customers agree that this product offers great value for money, with each glass costing just over $10. Note this does not include shipping fees.

No. 3 : Set of 2 Van Daemon Crystal Whisky Glasses

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Inspired by famed Tasmanian liquors, Van Daemon is your very own Australian glassware brand, and this set of two glasses is the perfect gift for any whisky lover. The beautiful gift box they are delivered in has a magnetic latch to help you safely store your glasses. With a capacity of 300 ml, these glasses are ideal for whisky on the rocks.

Van Daemon’s glasses are made from lead-free crystal and are dishwasher safe. Inspired by the barrels in which whisky ages, the design is both elegant and robust, aesthetically appealing and balanced in your hand. Shaped to enhance the aromas of your whisky, these glasses are great quality at a truly affordable price.

No. 4: Set of 2 Twist Whisky Glasses by Ashcroft Fine Glassware

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Las Vegas-based company Ashcroft Fine Glassware provide high quality glasses and tumblers at a reasonable price. Their Twist model has a capacity of 10 fluid ounces (295 millilitres) and its sleek design can comfortably fit in any hand. Its shape was conceived to enhance the nose of your favourite whisky. This dishwasher-safe product is made from lead-free glass.

No. 5: Crystal Whisky Decanter and 4 Whisky Glasses by Van Daemon

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Here is another quality set by Sydney-based Van Daemon that will help you get started with your whisky experience. It includes a 750-millilitre decanter and 4 300-millilitre glasses, all lead-free. The twist design of both the tumblers and the decanter combines elegance and comfort, tradition and modernity. We truly recommend this product if you’re looking for your first whisky set!

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about whisky glasses

You now know that many types of whisky glasses are available out there, and knowing their characteristics will help you in your purchase. You have to understand how important it is to drink from a proper whisky glass in order to truly enjoy your favourite drink. Here is a list of frequently asked questions from users to help you in your journey.


Whisky glasses retain aromas, enhancing the flavour of the liquor and allowing you to appreciate the nuances and aromas of the wood. (Source: NejroN: 42273611/ 123rf.com)

What is a whisky glass exactly?

Whisky glasses feature low and wide designs specifically designed to keep the flavour of the drink unchanged. These products enhance the taste by oxygenating the drink, all the while retaining the aromas intact. These lead-free glasses are usually made of glass or crystal.

The way in which you drink your whisky influences the type of glass you’ll need. An authentic, traditional model will be your weapon of choice ff you want to enjoy all the nuances and textures whisky. On the other hand, the type of glass won’t matter so much if you plan on mixing your liquor with water or carbonated drinks.

Why drink from a whisky glass?

Whisky glasses are fashioned specifically to keep the flavour. Whisky acquires its characteristic aromas and wood flavours by spending time in barrels. Many of the nuances of your favourite drink will be lost if you don’t drink your whisky in a quality glass with the traditional wide and low design.


Remember that a whisky glass made with plastic materials will strongly affect the taste of the drink.

What types of whisky glasses are available out there?

You’ll find hundreds of different models of whisky glasses on the market, with as many designs. We’ve compiled the main types for you according to their design or main function. You’ll notice some glasses are more appropriate for tasting, while other more elegant models are ideal for drinking whisky neat. Finally, some are better suited for blending.

As we mentioned earlier, you should choose your glass based on how you like to drink whisky, as each glass is designed for a specific use. Never drink this liquor in a standard of Collins glass, unless you want to mix it. This table recaps the different uses:

Type of glass Use
Riedel Ideal for whisky on the rocks or mixing
Glencairn  Great for tasting
Scotch Malt Whisky Society Designed for tasting
Snifter Concentrates the aroma better and enhances the flavour. They are ideal for truly savouring whisky.

Why should I buy a whisky glass?

As human beings, we can only identify the following four types of flavours: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. On the other hand, our smell can recognise up to 32 primary aromas. This goes to show how important our smell is for our taste. Whisky glasses are designed to enhance taste through the aroma of the drink.

Wider, these glasses support whisky’s oxygenation, helping to keep all the nuances intact for longer, while the crystal retains the intense taste of the drink. Here is a list of the different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Luxurious and attractive
  • Enhance the flavour
  • Maintain the aromas
  • Designed to avoid spilling
  • Heavy
  • More expensive than standard glasses

How much do whisky glasses cost?

Whisky glasses tend to be a tad more expensive than normal glasses. That being said, the recent success of whisky has led to the appearance of more affordable glasses. While the most expensive models like Riedel and Glencairn can easily reach 30 dollars, the cheapest models shouldn’t set you back more than 10 to 15 dollars.

The quality of a product always defines its price. In most cases, cheap glasses will be made of low quality crystal or glass, and will be flimsier with a tendency to break easily.

How should I use my whisky glass?

As we’ve already talked about, each whisky glass is designed for one specific use. We’re not saying you’ll need an instruction manual, but a few tips will be handy when the time comes to make your purchase. For example, even if a glass has a capacity of 200 ml, it is not advisable to fill it to the top. Leave room for the ice and also for the oxygenation of the drink. This way you will get the most out of them.


Whisky glasses are elegant and luxurious. They are very useful and can be washed in the dishwasher without problems. (Source: Igorr: 29949289/ 123rf.com)

How much do whisky glasses weigh?

The type and model of your glass will determine its weight and measurements, but the general rule for whisky glasses is that they are compact with a heavy base. While some models can present different measurements, their size doesn’t usually go beyond 100 millimetres and they weigh a few grams. There’s a wide range of options for you to choose from!

Shopping Criteria

Let’s have a look at a number of factors we think you should consider when buying your whisky glass; they should make your purchase much easier. One thing we don’t want is for you to regret your decision in a few weeks only! Here are the criteria you should follow ff you want to choose a whisky glass that’s just right for you:

  • Type of use
  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Design and weight
  • Reviews
  • Personal use

Type of use

This aspect will determine which type of glass you should buy, but that doesn’t mean you can omit thinking about the materials and design of the model. Whisky, vermouth and vodka are all different liquors, and each drink has glasses specifically designed for it. The wide variety of models available on the market can make it difficult for you to choose the right one.

We’ve already explained that whisky glasses often present a similar low and wide design, with the diameter of the mouth being equivalent to the full height of the glass. As you now know, this design helps in oxygenating the drink and allows the liquid to move through the glass.


The cost of a product is something we always look into before making a purchase. You probably have a budget and you need to take it into account when choosing the model you like. Whisky glasses can be considered luxury products, and this is why you should also consider their price.

The good thing about whisky glasses is that they actually aren’t very expensive products. Opting for an affordable model doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making a bad decision. Even the best brands offer very economical glasses, with great designs and good materials.


If you find a quality model at a good price, don’t think twice! (Source: Gojda: 40976863/ 123rf.com)


The capacity liquid capacity of whisky glasses can vary from one model to the next; this size will depend on the manufacturer and the model in question, as well as the thickness of the crystal. Some glasses will look larger because of a thicker material, but actually offer less capacity.

There’s really no set or standardised value for this, and each brand works with different sizes, so you will find many different ones. The size of the glass you opt for should depend on how you plan on drinking your whisky.

If you prefer your whisky neat or on the rocks, small glasses will do just fine, but you’ll need a bigger one if you plan on mixing it.

Design and weight

Some might think that the is merely decorative, but it often has a decisive significance on the price. Certain users buy glasses simply based on their attractive design, while others will analyse their every little detail. One thing is sure: whisky glasses are often very eye-catching and elegant.

Most designs tend to be distinguished, although some models are bold and modern. While a heavy base is a common feature in whisky glasses, they are often light and practical. This means that they are more stable and won’t spill your drink.


Online reviews can play an important role in your decision-making. Nowadays, all the information available on the Internet is very helpful to know what users think about a specific product. We strongly suggest that you pay attention to the opinion of past buyers before settling on a model. Avoid buying products that have a majority of bad comments.

You’ll get a rough idea of the quality of the product by reading buyers’ opinions. This is useful as we often buy something that ends up disappointing us when we realise it is not what we had expected. Always pay attention to the comments, which may give you clues regarding technical data, sizes, finishes and materials.

Personal use

You need a proper whisky glass if you want to enjoy the taste of whisky without losing any of the aromas and nuances. As we’ve previously explained, their wide design allows you to move the liquid and oxygenate it, letting the liquor gain flavour in the process. They are available in different sizes and designs, depending on the model and brand.

Some models are shaped like tulips, taller and with narrower mouths. These glasses are designed specifically for whisky tasting. Their elongated shape and bulging centre allow the aromas to concentrate, enhancing the flavour of the liquor. These whisky glasses are a bit more expensive.


The one thing you should never forget is that whisky glasses are conceived to make the most out of your favourite drink. They are your best bet if you want to appreciate all the taste notes, the aromas and the small nuances of the wood. Their elegance will also bring an extra touch of style to your home.

Remember to take into account the criteria detailed in our last section upon buying your very own whisky glasses. Aspects such as materials, quantities, price and design are absolutely key in making the right decision. Take a good look at all these factors before choosing your one!

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